Monday, 18 Nov 2019
Category: Architecture

Traditional Architecture of France

Gothic architecture This type of architecture is reputed to have been the first type of architecture which was replicated in the whole of Europe. Some of the most impressive buildings of this style are the Saint Denis Basilica, Notre Dame de Chartres and Notre-Dam de Reims where French kings were crowned. In addition to these […]

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a tool that aids businesses by allowing managers to see and think about smaller functions within the whole of the business. A common phrase used to describe an Enterprise Architecture is a set of “living documents” that are short, simple, and easy to understand. Enterprise Architecture is a relationship between processes and […]

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The Emerging Architecture

Architecture symbolizes the history, culture, traditions, technology and climate of the nation. In primitive ages man was used to live in caves but with the passage of time trends changed. As “necessity is the mother of invention” human beings started to make houses made up of stones to protect themselves from extreme climatic conditions and […]

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